Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you are disabled it is important that you receive financial help and support for your injuries.  Social Security Disability lawyer, Steve Hood, has helped countless people seek financial support from the Social Security Administration in his 18 years of practicing law.



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Social Security Disability


If you are suffering from a disability and unable to work for one year or longer, you might be entitled to financial support from the government.  Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney, Steve Hood, has in-depth knowledge of the SSD benefits process and is a former employee of the Social Security Administration.

Long Term Disability

Many people purchase long term disability insurance coverage to plan for their future and any unfortunate injuries.  When you are permanently disabled and have paid an insurance company for protection, the last thing you should have to do is fight to receive the coverage you are entitled.  A long term disability insurance lawyer can help you fight the insurance company so that you can collect on your policy.

Strong History in Social Security


Prior to opening his law firm, Mr. Hood worked at the Social Security Administration for 4 years.  After that, he worked at the Office of the General Counsel defending SSD decisions.  Mr. Hood’s unique background allowed him to truly understand the intricacies of the social security benefits system. The Social Security benefits process can be complex and navigating it alone can be overwhelming.  With the help of an experienced social security lawyer, you stand the best chance at receiving financial help from the government.

“I will fight to get you the benefits you deserve.”

This is our philosophy.  If you are disabled you deserve financial security.  Please contact Steve Hood today by calling 360-392-3997 or email us today. You initial consultation is free of charge.